Magnetic Mixer:
A magnetic mixer, or magnetic agitator consists of a drive, a drive shaft, a weld plate, a male bearing, and a mixing impeller. Unlike the conventional mechanical mixer, the impeller of a magnetic mixer is driven by the magnetic attraction of the drive shaft, and there is no direct connection between them. In a real operation, the drive shaft is located outside of the tank, while the impeller is inside.

The installation of a magnetic mixer starts with welding the weld plate into the mixing tank. This weld plate acts as the bridge to connect the impeller and the drive shaft. Because there is no direct connection of the impeller and drive shaft, the weld plate can be fully welded and isolate them, which ensures no risk of fluid leakage out of the tank. Also there is no wearing of the impeller because it is floating above the weld plate during the operation.
magnetic mixer
​The impeller is designed and built with no dead zone for material deposit (a real sanitary mixer); both the welds and surface are nicely polished up to Ra<0.4 mirrorlike. It is easy for cleaning and sterilization, thus eliminates the batch contamination.

1. When the regular connection between the drive shaft and the weld plate is by bolts, for small sizes, it can be made by bayonet or tri-clamp.
2. Impellers can have 4 or 8 blades.
3. Motor can be Ex-proof.



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